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a writer who stares at the doc for hours before typign something, only to backspace immediately.

  • Birthday: cancer / early july
  • Making OCs Since: 1996
  • Race: black & asian
  • Age: 30s
  • In Fandom For: over 25 years
  • Based: united states, east coast

Hi, I'm yuu and this wiki is a full repository of my OCs. ToyHou.se will remain my main gallery (because then I don't have to pay for the bandwith lmao) but I'll post a few pics and references directly here.

Sometimes I just want to take my OCs and put them through unimaginable pain :) you know as a treat!

Unless noted on my toyhou.se (check my links for it!), anyone posted here is NOT for offers!

CURRENT SITE STATUS (2023-10-21): under construction! moved hosts and hosting images on my own page! still very much a WIP

This is Important

Content Notes / Tags


This Wiki Contains Adult Content

Many characters have adult themes. All characters have a sticky note on the sidebar where you can find tags and any content notes. On some pages, that's all the warning you get. On others, I might also spoiler / read more that content. You are checking out these character profiles at your own risk. Please be mindful and curate your own online experience.

It's Fiction

Topics on this site are meant for FICTIONAL settings with FICTIONAL characters and writing about such kinks in fiction does not mean I condone these kinks in real life with real people. In fact, reading about a lot of my kinks regarding real, breathing people squicks me out 99.3% of the time.

Muli Fandom, Multi Ship

If you didn't know I'm multishipping trash.

I occasionally jump into himejoshi content, but i'm definitely more fujoshi than anything else. There's occasional Canon x OC shipping although it's rather rare.

These Are My Babies

Hey, please don't try to steal / use any of my text or OCs. These are my babies and they're shared online for my own purposes (namely to share with friends and maybe roleplay/write int the future).

Creating fanworks is OK contingent it's okay or you ask me first (characters will have it noted in their profiles!)

(Also pls don't ask for anyone here. If they're here, that means I probably do not have them up for offers. You can check out my purge thread.)

Speaking of using...

Unless otherwise noted, I have the right to use the designs (although not necessarily the art) for commercial use.

You may see these characters pop up in my tabletop games, stories, and the like.

If you see my characters in the wild, feel free to let me know and I can verify if it's okay or not.

Major Tags

No Warnings Apply (None)

No tags apply. There's a good chance that this character has no information at all lol.

Canon Typical Warnings (CTW: Fandom)

This tag advises that the fan character is based on an IP or fanverse of an IP that has some content that should be warned for. Characters with this tag will have clarification added.

Currently the following fandom tags are used, with a non-exhaustive list of possible warnings that might be associated with them.

  • FATE (Type-Moon & Fate/ related series) - Death, Violence, Torture, Sex
  • HP (Harry Potter) - Slavery (House Elves), Racist themes (DE, Blood Supremacy, etc). Possible associations of transphobia due to JKTerfling
  • HRAK (Boku no Hero Academia) - Child Soldiers, Mild Sexual Content
  • HS (Homestuck) - Death, Xenobiology, Xenophobia, Mild to Explicit Sexual Content
  • NB (Naruto/Boruto) - Death, Child Soldiers, Mild to Explicit Sexual Content
  • OP (One Piece) - Death, Bigotry, Mild to Explicit Sexual Content
  • PKMN (Pokemon) - YMMV Child Soldiers, Death, Dystopia
  • SU (Steven Universe) - Fascism, Torture

Gratuitous Violence (GV)

This tag advises that this character has content that can be consider violent in nature, including things like major character death, mass murder, mutilation. This tag will also be used for characters who have multiple artworks that include blood or violence.

Fan characters of a series like Dangan Ronpa will automatically have this tag. Most characters for a series like Boku no Hero Academia, while it can have violence, may not depending.

Heavy Sexual Themes (SXT)

This tag will be used for characters who have an abundance of NSFW/sex related artworks or who have more than tame sexual headcanons. Some of these kinks include BDSM, tentacle monster sex, pokephilia, NTR / cuckolding / cheating, sex acts that are not SSC, and more.

Queer relationships, including polyamory, are not "heavy sexual themes", however there may be overlap with their relationships and non vanilla sex that can constiute this tag.

Illegal IRL (iIRL)

This tag specifically is for charcters who have content that, in real life, would be grounds for incarceration. At this time, it is used for characters who have active heavy themes of incest, mass murder, and sexual relations with someone under the age of 18. A character who has these themes as part of the backstory will have other associated tags, however the tag "Illegal IRL" will only be present if the theme is heavy and current in their story.

Other Heavy Themes (OHT)

This tag covers content such as bigotry, power imbalances and the like. In the case of bigotry, I'll list what kind of instances you'll see on their page.

Other Warnings (OW)

This is a catchall tag - if it doesn't apply under the other 5 tags, it will be tagged with this.

This will be tags for certain jobs (i.e., assassins and mob bosses) or things like phobias that I think could use a warning.

Choose Not To Warn (CNTW)

AKA I have not gotten around to tagging so there may or may not be one of the above tags in it. Proceed With Caution.

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